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    • A classic talc powder from England's premiere grooming company, Taylor's of Old Bond Street
    • Scented with sandalwood for a masculine finish
    • Made in England

    Taylor of Old Bond Street makes some of the best scented products around, and this is no exception. Livened up with sandalwood, this provides everything a talcum powder should and much more. It offers a great sensation after taking a shower or bath. Put some in your shoes to keep your feet smelling fresh all day, even if it's hot outside. The aroma is very elegant and refined, and this company prides itself on all of its products, from shaving creams and aftershaves and beyond, so you know you're getting quality. Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Talc provides a distinct woodsy and masculine scent.

    If you're tired of cheap, store brand powders, this one should make you very happy. It comes in a bottle with an antique look to it, which also happens to suit this product quite well. It's made to the quality standards one might have expected from a generation ago, but it's still perfect for today. It's made in England to exacting standards and comes in a 100g size. That's plenty to keep you going for a very long while. Add some of this to your hygiene routine, and you'll certainly be happy. You won't want to go back to the cheap stuff at all.

    *Also available in Mr. Taylor and Eton College scents.

    Size: 100g

    Made in England.

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