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    • Hard shaving soap puck crafted with a traditional recipe
    • Scented with bitter orange
    • Gives an amazing lather

    Using a traditional recipe, Tcheon Fung Sing has been creating shaving products since 1945. Whether creams or soaps, this Italian company creates rich, luxurious products. Their TFS Hard Shaving Soap Arancio Amara is a hard puck with a rich scent.

    All TFS hard soap pucks are formulated with coconut and sweet almond oil. This leaves skin moisturized and nourishes the post-shave face for soft and supple skin. This cleanser produces a rich, consistent lather so you get an excellent glide. And a little goes a long way. A brush full of lather is often enough for 2-3 passes. And you can also lather it right on your face with your fingertips. Grab your bowl and you are set for your daily shave for months.

    Arancio Amara is a bitter orange scent whose zesty, citrus aroma will get you up and moving. There is also a hint of cinnamon to give a little spice to your morning routine. With TFS soaps, you will never want to miss your shave again.

    Which one will you try first?

    Size: 125g

    Made in Italy

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