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    • Hard shaving soap puck
    • Bergamot and Neroli (orange) scented
    • Infused with sweet almond and coconut oils

    If Italy calls your name, from the incredible cuisine to the Mediterranean shore, from the history and tradition to the quality workmanship, then you have to try Tcheon Fung Sing. These Italian soap makers has been crafting their products for 3 generations using a old recipe. With their hard soaps, you would be hard pressed to get a more authentic Italian shave.

    TFS Hard Shaving Soap Bergamotto Neroli is infused with sweet almond and coconut oils to give your skin the moisture and nourishment it needs. Your post-shave face will feel awesome - soft and supple. You can quickly produce a rich, consistent lather for an excellent glide. And just a little bit goes a long way, so this is an economical way to shave too. The only down side is that it lasts so long, you can't move on to all the other amazing scents they offer.

    Speaking of scents, this Bergamotto Neroli is an orange scented grooming product. Bergamot comes from the peel of an orange which produces a light orange scent, not too sharp or overpowering. Bergamot is an antiseptic and useful for oily, blemished skin. Its uplifting scent refreshes and relaxes. Neroli is produced from the petals of the orange blossom. Its sweet citrus scent is an aid to relieving tension, stress and anxiety. It is an excellent skin care oil as well, perfect for aging, sensitive skin.

    Get some of Italy's finest grooming without even leaving your home.

    Size: 125g

    Made in Italy

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