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    • Luxurious ltalian soap
    • Infused with coconut and sweet almond oil
    • Scent with orange blossom and jasmine


    If you are a sucker for an Italian soap, then you probably already know Tcheon Fung Sing. If not, you will! Crafting their products using a traditional method used since 1945, TFS soaps have a unique texture and amazing fragrances. They have creams and shaving soaps, but their newest hard pucks are formulated for a rich lather and scent.

    TFS Hard Shaving Soap Zagara Gelsomino Forte dure is filled with skin nourishing ingredients. Sweet almond and coconut oil provide a moisturizing base for soft, supple post-shave skin. The orange blossom scent has a long list of benefits including antidepressant, antiseptic, antispasmodic as well as providing a refreshing fragrance. The jasmine is great for the relief of stress and general anxiety as well as a sensual scent.

    This grooming essential creates a great lather which is easily enough to get 2-3 passes of the razor, leaving you with a close shave and a great aroma. A little goes a long way so this puck can last you a long time. Grab a special bowl to put it in and shave away.

    With a soap this good, you won't want to miss a day of shaving!

    Size: 125g

    Made in Italy

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