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    Aiming for that smooth and slick shave without damaging your face? The Tcheon Fung Sing Linea Intenso Shaving Soap Arancio Amaro can help you achieve that. Lather on this creamy soft soap and indulge in the freshness of bitter oranges. This shaving soap contains refined coconut oil, which not only has moisturizing properties that help lessen the friction between your blade and face. It also has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties'a total care package for your grooming routine.

    This TFS product is also enriched with the superb benefits of almond oil, which is packed with numerous vitamins that leave you looking young and healthy. It also aids in cleansing your skin by removing trapped dirt deep inside your pores. Aside from these benefits, it can also help soothe your skin from the stinging sensation cause by the occasional razor burns.

    Vitamins found in this product:
    • Vitamin A ' aids in preventing acne and helps lighten dark spots
    • Vitamin D ' preserves the healthy and youthful appearance
    • Vitamin E ' prevents aging and other harmful effects
    Size: 150ml

    Made in Italy.

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