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    • "Subzero" menthol shave soap
    • Infused with sweet almond and coconut oils
    • Uses a traditional recipe passed down 3 generations


    Perhaps you remember the winter Olympics in Torino, Italy. Well, that is the birthplace of Tcheon Fung Sing Italian shaving soaps. And with their Linea Intenso Sottozero ("subzero") shaving soap, you get the cooling experience of a snowy breeze whipping your cheeks as you hurtle down a mountain slope.

    All of their soaps are formulated with sweet almond and coconut oils. These moisturizing and nourishing ingredients ensure that your skin is soft and supple after your grooming routine, even if you've been exposed to the harsh elements. This croap also easily creates a rich lather and consistency to provide you with the smooth glide of your razor, and reduce bumps, irritation, and redness. The 150ml bowl will serve you well for quite awhile. In fact, you'll probably be ready to try another TFS soap long before this one is done. (Go ahead, get several! We won't tell).

    This product is mint and menthol infused to give you a refreshing cool and invigorating scent. A wonderful pick-me-up to start your day. It isn't too icy, so you get the cool without too much sting. Just a light hint of sweetness keeps it from being to harsh. A must have for TFS fans.

    Experience the rush of subzero cool! Get Tcheon Fung Sing Shaving Soap Sottozero.

    Size: 150ml

    Made in Italy

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