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    • 70th Anniversary shaving cream from TFS
    • Infused with argan oil and other nourishing ingredients
    • Scented with woody, oriental fragrance

    This Italian soapmaker has a Chinese name, since its founder, Tcheon Fung Sing, immigrated to Italy in the 1930s and established his business there after the war. Today, they are still family owned and still produce soaps and other grooming products by hand. For 3 generations, Tcheon Fung Sing has offered a rich, luxurious shaving soap made from a traditional Italian recipe. Try Tcheon Fung Sing "TFS" Shaving Cream, Corte Sabauda.

    In honor of their 70th anniversary, they have released this line of TFS (Torino Forti Sensazioni) creams, a wink at their name and their birthplace. Characterized by precious argan oil, this soap whips up a creamy, moisturizing, skin-nourishing, protective lather to enhance your grooming game. Then they infuse this soap with throw-back scents that envelop you in history and nostalgia.

    In homage to the Savoy dynasty that reigned in Italy (and around the world) for centuries, this scent delights in aromas found around Villa della Regina the residence of the royal family in northern Italy. Imagine a lace-covered table ready for tea time in a garden overflowing with white flowers. Notes of wood and oriental details round out the scent and keep it from being too feminine.

    Size: 250ml

    Made in Italy

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