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    • All-natural beard oil to soften, smooth, and manage your beard
    • Scented with cedar and pine, reminiscent of the East Texas woods
    • Made in the USA by Texas Beard Co.


    Move over, Paul Bunyan, there's a new beard in town. Love your whiskers? You'll love them more with Texas Beard Co. Big Thicket Beard Oil. If you don't know what this oil can do for you, be prepared for its tall-tale-like benefits.

    Texas Beard Co. makes an all-natural product that smooths, softens, manages, & scents yours whiskers. And that isn't all. It even protects and moisturizes the skin beneath, which helps to reduce itchiness and irritation that can come with facial hair.

    Made with golden jojoba, sweet almond, grapeseed, and avocado oils, this product is light and absorbs quickly, so it doesn't feel greasy. With consistent use, it makes your wiry, thick, unruly face thicket lay smooth and soft with a light sheen. If your girl doesn't like your scratchy beard, it might be because you don't have this product. The 1 fl.oz. brown bottle will last 3-4 months even with daily use. A little bit goes a long way.

    And the SCENT! It screams masculine. The natural fragrance of cedarwood and pine needle oil will make you feel like swinging an axe over your shoulder and striding through the forest. Pair with a hefty growth of whiskers and a blue ox. You'll be . . . legendary!

    Size: 1 oz.

    Made in the USA