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    • Alcohol-free aftershave balm from The Art of Shaving
    • Contains shea butter and grapeseed extract
    • Scented with masculine sandalwood


    With a name like "The Art of Shaving", you know you are getting products from those who love this wet shaving gig as much as you do. Instead of seeing men's grooming routines as drudgery, TAOS seeks to bring a zen-like experience to your shave. They have developed a 4-step system (prepare, lather, shave, moisturize) to bring you the "perfect shave" experience. The Art of Shaving After Shave Balm, Sandalwood is part of step 4: moisturize. Try it today.

    After you've traumatized your face with blade, it is always a good idea to sooth your skin. This after-shave balm does just that. It helps to replenish moisturize and soothe irritation, leaving you with hydrated, soft skin. It contains a touch of shea butter and grapeseed extract to nourish. Glycerin and essential oils also add benefits for skin health. It doesn't contain alcohol or synthetic dyes. No burn with this one!

    It is scented with a classic, masculine aroma of sandalwood. Sourced from Mysore, India, this essential has been treasured for centuries. Aromatic and therapeutic, you can't go wrong with this exotic fragrance. TAOS blends a custom scent that is sweetly spicy, lightly herbaceous, with a woody undertone. As it warms on your skin, it evokes a calming, sensual aroma.

    Size: 3.3oz

    Made in the USA

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