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The Artisan Soap Shoppe Classic Shaving Soap, Fall for Him

4 reviews
  • Traditional shaving soap
  • Vegan or Tallow Based
  • Scented with vetiver, cedarwood, clove, smoke, amber, and oud-wood


Jenny Peck is the artisan in The Artisan Soap Shoppe out of Springfield, MO. Although she has been making soap with her grandmother since she was a child, she got her start with the wet shaving community in 2014. Her husband asked her to make him a shaving soap and after lots of trial-and-error she hit on a recipe that is just right! We think you will agree.

This simple recipe is vegan based but whips up a slippery lather for a great shave. Coconut oil is the main player in this soap. It creates a rich, thick, and creamy lather that will protect and moisturize your skin. You get 6oz of soap in an 8oz black, screwtop tub for easy loading. This soap loads quickly and producing a great lather in a matter of moments.

This one is for the ladies - they just aren't wearing it! Yep, worn by a man but certainly for those getting close to him. The masculine aroma has the magnetic notes of vetiver, cedarwood, clove, smoke, amber, and oud-wood. When she is looking for a “man’s man”, this is what he smells like.

Size: 6oz of soap

Made in the USA

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Stearic Acid, potassium hydroxide, Glycerin, sodium hydroxide, Sodium Lactate, Fragrance

Scent Profile: Fall For Him - 

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George C.
United States United States
I recommend this product
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Good Stuff!

I’ve always used either Trumpers or Proraso creams, but ordered this on a whim. It whips up a ton of great smelling lather. It gives me a BBS shave with two passes. The only drawback to this soap is the lack of aftershave balm with the same scent (which is awesome, BTW).

Danny C.
  • Value for Money
Great Value and Performance

Light Sandalwood/Vanilla Scent. I thought it would have a bit of Cologne scent but it was more woodsy. Lathers great in a creamy and slick lather.

Marty G.
  • Value for Money
Love it

Wrote a nice. long review but I think it got lost or glitched? Therefore: Great soap, great lather, great shave, great scent, superb price! Only downside is the ink from the lid label ran when it got wet and left a little stain on the sink. It will likely come off of my sink with time, but can't say about yours. Try to avoid getting the jar wet, I suppose and don't set the lid upside down on a wet sink.

Marty G.
  • Value for Money
Love at first shave

I was looking for cedar and sandalwood soaps when I came across this gem. I had to admit that I was skeptical, yet intrigued by the description of the scent. I looked around a bit more and came back to this one. It was just too unique and seemed to good to pass up. So I bought this and another soap with my razors and some Old Spice. (I really had to know how it compared to the stuff PaPaw used in the 70's.) When it all arrived, I opened this soap first and was immediately hit with that ever familiar aroma of campfire, that smell that stays with you on your way home from a camping trip. The scent was so strong and smoky, I wasn't sure it would be for me. I unpacked everything and put it all away. A few days later, it was time and I brought out the "Fall for Him" soap for my shave. I ran the water hot, filling my lather bowl and letting the brush soak it up, letting the water run for a few minutes to get the bowl nice and warm. I then let them sit for a moment as I fitted a new Astra blade then I shook the brush a bit and dumped the bowl. As I began to load the brush, my spirits began to lift. I could already tell by the way it was loading that this was going to good. Yet, it was even better than good. As I began my first few rounds, the brush began to come to life with a luscious lather that made me grin from ear to ear. Without needing a single drop more of water or any more soap, a magnificent lather arose, and I was ready. I worked the lather across two-day stubble, relishing it's feel. "This is what it's all about," I thought as the rich aromas, which seemed overwhelming in the jar, came up to meet me with a balance of earthy tones and spice that just felt like man and nature. It is a smell of ruggedness, determination, wisdom and caring. It was perfect! And the way it felt was just amazing. The shave was effortless and the second pass even more enjoyable than the first. No dry or greasy feelings afterwards, no irritations, just a great shave and a wonderful smell. (My wife like the smell too.) I am in love with this soap! If you like that man's scent (and especially if your partner likes it) and an amazing lather from a man's soap, then this is the one. (Warning: Side effects may include believing you are Grizzly Adams. Do not attempt to befriend bears after shaving with this soap.) P.S. The price is FREAKING SWEET!! P.P.S. Be careful of the label on the lid, the one I received bled when it got wet and left a bit of a stain on the sink. I'm sure it will come off of my sink, but not sure how it would react on another sink. I would recommend trying to keep the jar dry, I suppose.