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    • Set filled with top-rated items fit for a king
    • Feather AS-D2 safety razor
    • Simpson Chubby 2 Best shaving brush
    • Castle Forbes shaving cream and AS balm

    Do you know someone that likes the best of the best? Maybe its you! If so, make sure to put this exquisite gift set on your wishlist. This is an impeccable set that includes some of the top product lines that we carry.

    Fit for a king, this set includes:

    • Feather AS-D2 Safety Razor is all machined stainless steel giving it an immaculate finish. The AS-D2 is beautiful, from the razor itself to the elegant packaging it comes in.
    • Chubby 2 Best is a man's dream shaving brush; a brush many a man covets. This brush is extremely dense and perfect to use with both creams or soaps. The ideal size for many. The chubby series will work for anyone on your gift list.
    • Castle Forbes Lavender Shaving Cream is what we describe at West Coast as the "fine wine." You will not disappoint the favorite man in you life (or yourself!) with this amazing cream. It is formulated with only the best ingredients, including true essential oils. This dense, satiny cream will leave your skin nourished and soft and will provide you a relaxing spa-like experience during every shave.
    • Castle Forbes Aftershave Balm is top-notch and is the superb compliment to seal in the moisture and sooth the skin after a great shave. Its light fragrance and feel is perfect for anyone sensitive to scents, but will still give you all the benefits of a good aftershave.

    Set includes our standard gift wrapping.

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