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    There are few things more enjoyable than a close, comfortable shave with a classic razor. The Gentleman's Refinery The Standard Shave Cream is the perfect product for such an occasion. Like all the products developed by the company, The Standard is all natural. There are no dyes or artificial preservatives, just a quality product for the best experience possible.

    Men looking to trim a beard have many options today, including gels, sprays, and many different new-fangled designs. When walking down the aisles of a supermarket or drug store, many of them aim to appeal to customers through gimmicks and flash. For all that jazz, you still may end up with bumps and razor burn. However, The Gentleman's Refinery sticks to classic style and elegance that has been proven effective for decades and leaves your face clean and smooth.

    This cream comes in a metal tin and must be manually worked into a generous lather, exactly as it should be. There is no aerosol can or overwhelming scent, just a traditional method for a wet shaving session. But, the products developed by the company are specifically manufactured to use ingredients that will not harm the environment or the user.


    *Cocos nuciferus (Coconut) oil
    *Cananga odorata (Ylang ylang) oil
    *Santalum album (Sandalwood) oil
    *Lavender-French (Lavandula dentate) oil
    Distilled Water
    Stearic acid
    Potassium hydroxide
    Sodium hydroxide
    Sodium hydroxymethylglycinate-water
    Sodium Borate
    * Certified Organic

    Size: 150ML (5.3fl oz) Full Size

    Made in Canada

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