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    • Medium hold for your pomps, quiffs, and spikes
    • Low shine for a natural glow
    • Water-based to wash out easily
    • Scented with a masculine, musky aroma


    The Iron Society prides itself on hand-making consistently good products in small batches. Based in Brooklyn, this private men's grooming salon focuses on creating clean, classic, modern looks. And their pomades let you bring that precision home. The Iron Society Water Soluble Pomade will leave you looking hip, hep, happening, or anything in-between.

    This is a medium-hold styling product is perfect for all types of hair, but especially useful in curly or wavy hair. Like most water-based products, it gives a low shine, not the high shine of a oil. The translucent, yellow jelly is malleable and applies easily; it works best on damp hair. Comb and style your pomps, quiffs, spikes and faux hawks.

    To restyle, add more water and comb through. PRO TIP: Apply this water-soluble gel as a touch-up or top coat over The Iron Society's oil-based pomades and it will make it much easier to wash out the petroleum product. The water soluble styling aid will soften the oil for ease in rinsing.

    This has a nice masculine, musky scent that says sophistication. "Be easy, friend!"

    Size: 3.75oz

    Made in the USA