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    • Proprietary beard cream from The New York Shaving Company
    • Loaded with shea butter, aloe, and lime oil
    • Soothes and protects

    The New York Shaving Company was born out of a desire to bring back the golden age of men's shaving. Their ideology harkens back to the days when dapper gents wore bespoke suits, opened doors for women, and groomed regularly at their corner shop. That corner shop they have successfully recreated in a number of New York locations, with antique chairs, white-coated barbers, hot towels, and nostalgic music. But when you can't get to them, you can use their proprietary line of high quality products, like this The New York Shaving Company Gentleman's Beard Cream.

    The cream is created for the veteran beard grower or the newbie. It soothes the new-growth itch by moisturizing the skin underneath. It also conditions established beards for healthier growth. Infused with shea butter to calm and condition, organic aloe to soften, soothe, and moisturize the beard and skin, and with lime essential oil to break down dirt and oil that attaches to facial hair and clogs pores.

    Scoop out a small amount with your finger tips and apply to the beard and face, including the neck. Work in from root to tip for complete conditioning.

    Just what you would get if you were laying back in the chair! The New York Shaving Company Gentleman's Beard Cream.

    Size: 4oz.

    Made in the USA

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