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    • Produces a whip lather for a easy shave
    • Protects the face from nicks, cuts and razor burn
    • Great spicy smell of ginger, nutmeg, cedar and cinnamon

    Your shave cream should smell nice. You also want it to whip up into an impressive lather, since you will be shaving in the traditional manner with a razor (straight or safety). A great option is Old St. Patrick's from The New York Shaving Company. This option offers a nice and fresh fragrance that features nutmeg, ginger, bergamot, and cinnamon, giving it a nice and spicy smell that blends nicely with the undertones that include lavender and geranium. You'll also note musk, cedar, and other scents that creep their way into this fantastic-smelling shaving cream.

    One of the other things about the Old St. Patrick's shave cream is the fact that it features ingredients that actually help to protect you. No, it's not a bodyguard, and Kevin Costner will not start following you around. If he does though, we've heard that you shouldn't feed him because he'll just keep coming back and eventually, he'll try to build a baseball field in your backyard. The neighbors will begin to ask questions. What it does do though is protect your face from razor burn and nicks while you shave leaving you in the glow of the Irish Saint! Try this today and the chances are good you will always love it.

    Size: 4oz.

    Made in the USA

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