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    • A grooming set for your epic 'stache
    • Kent comb
    • Gold Dachs wax
    • Tweezerman scissor


    We're here to take the mystery out of moustache care. We've compiled this exceptional kit of fabulous products to give you a swoon-worthy 'stache. With a comb, scissors, and wax, you'll be all set to take on any case you face -- Magnum P.I. style.

    • Kent Beard & Moustache Comb, Fine - With the Kent name, you are ensured a quality product. And this comb is designed especially for facial hair. It is extra small at 73mm and the fine teeth are perfect for grooming, maintaining, and trimming your whiskers.
    • Gold Dachs Bartwichse Hungarian Moustache Wax - This beeswax and paraffin styling aid has a long history of holding lip fuzz in place. Just a small amount, warmed between your fingers and applied, can hold your 'stache in your desired shape. It has a light vanilla scent which doesn't overpower or conflict with other scents you might want to apply.
    • Tweezerman Moustache Scissors - When your whiskers get unruly, bring them in line with this stainless steel grooming utensil from Tweezerman. The large finger loops are made with men in mind, so you get the control you need when cutting. And the high-quality precision blades are intended to cut along the whole length of the blade, giving you a clean finish.

    When you're going for Hollywood handsome or undercover covert, use this set to achieve your grooming goals.