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The Shave Well Company Truly Fog Free Travel Shower Shave Mirror

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This unbreakable mirror is small enough to take with you, but large enough to get a full, clear refection of your face. Satisfaction guaranteed. A close, comfortable shave requires a lot of moisture. What better place to get wet than in the shower...even when you are away from home!

Simply by its unique design, The Shave Well Fog-Free Travel mirror will change the way you feel about shaving in the shower at the gym or on the road. Warm it up! To get that truly fog-free reflection with your Shave Well mirror, hold it under the shower stream for a few seconds to "warm it up" right before you shave.

Why a travel mirror? When you're away from home the last thing you want to do is be slowed down by shaving. Shaving in the shower is not only more comfortable, but because the warm hair relaxes your hair follicles, it actually makes shaving quicker and easier to perform. It sucks! Thanks to the former President's "No Suction Cup Left Behind" plan, the suction cup is easily removed from the wall when you're on the go. What is fog and why does it happen? Fog is simply condensation. Shower water is much warmer than the air temperature of most homes. Your warm shower heats the air and it becomes saturated. This warm moist air becomes fog or condensation which collects on all cooler surfaces - like mirrors. How is the Shave Well mirror truly fog free? The Shave Well Company shower shaving mirror is fog free simply by design! In the few seconds you hold it under the shower spray the temperature of the moist air and the mirror equalize to create a long lasting, truly fog free image for the duration of your shower. No more temperature difference - no more fog. As Goldilocks's just right. The Shave Well Company fog free shower shave mirror measures 6" tall, 4" wide and is 1/8" thick. Many (including the visually challenged among us) choose to hold the mirror while shaving. The Shave Well mirror fits well in your hand and provides a complete reflection of the entire face while shaving. The suction cup measures 1.78" in diameter and will stick out from the wall roughly 0.5".

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jose p.
  • Value for Money

shower mirror

Mirror does fog up. It will cost me more more to return than to just keep around outside of my shower.

Brad J.
  • Value for Money

Shower Mirrors

When using any mirror in the shower for shaving, first smear shaving cream or soap on the mirror, then rinse with the temp water you are using. I find this keeps the mirror fog free during the whole shower. I also read some place that a small smear of toothpaste does the same thing.

Thomas F.
  • Value for Money

Not great, but allows you to shave in the shower

The glue is still holding the hook to my shower stall, so give it an "A+" for that; but the 'fog free' is a bit of a stretch. Running it under hot water only goes so far--don't lean in an breath on it, or you'll be de-fogging it again! Considering what it cost the Chinese to make them, they're over-priced at $10....but they're the only game in town.

Brian F.
  • Value for Money

Great shower mirror

I've had one of these for several years and I am very pleased with it. It is light, easily packed and durable. Mine "lives" in the shower and we have very hard water. Giving it a toothpaste rub down once a month or so keeps it clean and clear. Be advised that it does not have any sort of anti-fog coating! It relies on magic (or science, your pick) to be fog free. That means that there is some user interaction needed (running it under your warm shower water) for fog free use. If it is cold in the house and I'm taking a very hot shower I might have to run it under the water once or twice if I'm shaving both my head and face. The lack of anti-fog coating is what makes this such a long lasting and easy to clean mirror. I've owned a BUNCH of "anti-fog" shower mirrors and this one is easily the best.

Tom H.
  • Value for Money

I Travel often and this

I Travel often and this works great I would recommend this