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    • Artisan, handcrafted shaving soap
    • With glycerin and coconut oil to moisturize and protect
    • Scented with a warm masculine aroma of sandalwood, amber, musk, and a hint of citrus


    A beach blaze on a summer evening or a backyard bonfire on a chill fall night; who can't appreciate the warm mesmerizing throb of golden embers as the fire spends its strength. If your favorite part of a fire is the end, when the glowing remains promise the sweet treat of a perfectly roasted marshmallow, then you will love Through the Fire Fine Craft Shaving Soap, Ember. Maria Arman is known in classic shaving circles for producing exceptional, handcrafted soaps for a number of grooming companies. With her own line, she brings complex, intriguing scents to the table, as well.

    Her hot process soaps have come "through the fire" to give you a soft, French-style soap ready to whip up into a dense froth of yogurt-like lather. With coconut oil and glycerin, you are assured of a smooth, moisturizing, protective shave. The 4oz. of soap can be lathered right in the 5oz tub. Or you can load your brush and finish your lather in a hand thrown stoneware lather bowl or mug.

    Like the last grapes of harvest, the final kiss goodbye, or the concluding notes of a symphony are the sweetest, so the terminating moments of a fire bring a sweet warmth. The fragrance of this soap is a warm sweet spicy scent; sandalwood, amber and musk are paired with nutmeg and coriander. But endings are bittersweet, so this offering is spiked with the bright bite of citrus and herb, mandarin, bergamot, and clary sage, as well.

    With your smoldering good looks and alluring personality, you can't go wrong with Through the Fire Fine Craft Shaving Soap, Ember.

    Size: 4oz.

    Made in the USA

    Ingredients: Stearic Acid, Coconut Oil, Tallow (in Wisp only), Distilled Water, Potassium Hydroxide (Lye), Glycerin, Activated Charcoal (in Forged only), and Fragrance.

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