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2 Day Sale: 15% Off On All TOBS Products!
2 Day Sale: 15% Off On All TOBS Products!

Timeless Razor, Safety Razor Handle, Titanium

  • Traditional Double-edge handle
  • Solid grade 2 titanium
  • Handle only


Timeless Razors was started by a father & 4 sons. Machinists by trade, they saw the need for razors that would last for generations, unlike the cheap, low end and plastic disposables on the market today. The double-edge razor that they created met with rave reviews from wet shavers, as it gives a fantastic shave - time after time.

This DE handle is a beautiful, light weight, matte finish titanium. (All of these parts are interchangeable with Timeless stainless steel parts as well.) The spiral design and ringed indentation aid in gripping the utensil even as they contribute to the lovely aesthetic. This beautiful tool will last a lifetime of well-balanced shaves. 


  • Handle length - 14mm x 85 mm
  • Handle weight - 51g

Made in the USA