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    • Double edge razor blade from Treet
    • Flexible steel, specially coated for sharpness
    • 10 blades

    If you haven't heard of Treet blades, you might be surprised at what you are missing. These grooming edges are getting some love from the blog and forum set. Treet Group is one of the oldest and largest business groups in Pakistan. Founder, Sir Syed Maratib Ali started this trading and industrial business nearly a century ago. It has continued to expand and innovate. They pride themselves on high standards of quality management, stringent quality policy, and outstanding controls. All that to bring you a blade you won't regret buying. Try Treet New Steel Double Edge Razor Blades, 10 pack.

    These standard double edge blades are produced with a combination of steel and special coating. Steel provides the natural flexibility you need to round your facial curves. And the coating ensures the sharpness of the blade, so there is no tugging or pulling. Slip it into your favorite razor and get shaving.

    There are 10 blades in a box so you can give it a try, or get the economical 100 blade pack.

    Size: 10 blades/box

    Made in Pakistan

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