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  • Carbon steel blade
  • Quality assured
  • Available in 10 pack or 100 pack

Treet Corporation has been in the business for almost a century - and in spite of economic and governmental upheaval they have grown and expanded. They are one of the oldest and largest business groups of Pakistan, and they are committed to high standards in quality management, stringent quality policy, and outstanding controls. So you get a great double edge razor blade -- again and again and again.

With this Treet Silver Blade, you get premium double edge razor blades for a BBS shave. You get a "smart shave. . .always!". These are made of carbon steel and come 10 blades to a box. Reviewers would put these on the more mild side of shaving, but as always, your mileage may vary. These are standard, so they fit any DE razors.

If you find you love them, they also come in an economical 100 pack.

Size: 10 double edge razor blades/pack OR 10 packs (total 100 blades)

Made in Pakistan

  • SKU: RB-TRE-010-P
  • Brand: Treet
  • Type: Razor Blades

Treet Silver Double Edge Razor Blades

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