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    • A traditional shaving cream from Triumph & Disaster
    • Scented with citrus and exotic spice
    • Made in New Zealand


    Triumph or disaster? What awaits around the bend? Throughout your day? Good news or bad, joyous events or lousy, face each moment with the confidence of good grooming. Your day might not look good, but you can look good for your day with a clean-shaven mug from Triumph & Disaster. This New Zealand company produces exceptional grooming products for men who face whatever life can throw at them.

    The Old-Fashioned Shaving Cream, like all their products, is filled with natural ingredients that are engineered with science. They use locally grown when possible and eliminate nasty parabens, silicone, and animal testing (except on themselves!). Old-Fashioned speaks to the rituals that are passed down from father to son, and shaving has to be one of the most iconic. This cream gives you that traditional shaving experience. This grooming essential can be brushed or massaged onto wet skin to soften, exfoliate, and prepare the hair for the blade.

    And it is scented with a bespoke T & D aroma. The bright citrus notes will awaken you while a hint of Turkish barbershop will evoke the tradition and romance of a good shave. After a little "me" time, you will be ready to face whatever the day has for you: triumph or disaster.

    Size: 90ml

    Made in New Zealand

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