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    Whether you are a world traveler or just take a weekend trip from time to time, you need the Triumph & Disaster On The Road Travel Kit. Why? Because you get exactly the right amount of YLF Wash, Ritual Face Cleanser, Old Fashioned Shave Cream, and Gameface Moisturizer.

    YLF Wash makes perfect sense for someone on the go because it combines quality ingredients into a cleanser for the face, body, and hair. Most products that attempt to reach this trifecta compromise on quality, but this one stands out from the rest.

    Use the refreshing Ritual Face Cleanser for a little extra energy to go out for a night on the town or for recovering from one in the morning.

    Old Fashioned Shave Cream works just as you believe it should giving you a close shave and a smooth surface. And, once you are done, add some Gameface Moisturiser to keep skin soft, moist, and healthy.

    All of these products are specifically designed to meet the needs of men like you and come in convenient sizes that are ideal for small toiletry bags. Though the name is 'On the Road', you can also take the items in the kit in the air.

    INGREDIENTS: See individual products.

    Size: 4 x 30ml/1.01 fl oz.

    Made in New Zealand.