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    • An energizing aftershave splash from Truefitt & Hill
    • Scented with classic 1805 fragrance
    • Part of a line of grooming essentials

    When you have finished trimming your beard, a nice splash of aftershave is vital in keeping your skin nourished after exposing its softer layers. However, you can't just use any type of facial product. To ensure that your face is moisturized and protected, you must apply an aftershave that is light, nourishing and refreshing : this is where the Truefitt & Hill 1805 Aftershave Splash comes in.

    This formulation will leave your freshly shaved cheeks and chin feeling smooth and energized. It leaves your skin calm, maintains the beauty of a clean shave, and reduces any irritations that you acquired after trimming your whiskers.

    Just like the 1805 cologne, it has an oceanic fragrance that stays in your skin for an extended period of time. The citrus-based top notes and the woodsy base notes create a spicy and playful aroma suited for the modern gentleman. The subtle aroma can be intensified if you apply 1805 cologne after shaving. However, you'll still smell great even without the extra spritz. Use the full line of 1805 grooming products: 1805 Shaving Cream, 1805 After Shave Balm, 1805 Cologne.

    Size: 3.38 fl.oz. / 100ml

    Made in England

    SHIPPING RESTRICTIONS: This bottle is infused with alcohol, making it a potentially dangerous item to ship. For foreign customers who have ordered this product, please be advised that we cannot deliver it beyond the borders of continental USA. You will, however, receive refunds. And for customers who are living in the Mainland, we can only ship your orders via ground transportation methods. Please choose between FedEx Home and FedEx Ground before you check out.

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