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    • Aftershave splash for post-shave skin
    • Scented with Clubman, a citrus, mint, oceanic enhanced aroma
    • Made in England

    Do you want to have a cleaner-looking post-shave face that can make the ladies swoon? From a time when men's grooming and style made society pages, comes Clubman fragrance, originally formulated for "The Great Exhibition of 1851". This grooming essential has the dual function of soothing your post-shave skin and giving you an awesome fragrance. So grab the Truefitt & Hill's Clubman Aftershave Splash today!

    It acts as an antiseptic that relieves the face from minor cuts, and as a toner that tightens the pores to prevent any build-up of dirt and oil. Fresh and aromatic, it has the distinctive smell of citrus, mint, florals, woods, and musk. Aside from having a calming effect, it is also capable of healing after-shave skin inflammation.

    Here's how to use this product:

    • Close up facial pores by washing shaved area with cold water.
    • Pat your face dry using a towel.
    • Spray a tiny amount of Clubman Aftershave onto your palm, and then rub your hands together.
    • Finally, apply it gently by patting the shaved area with your hands.

    Touted as the world's oldest barbershop, Truefitt & Hill has served kings and commoners for over two centuries. Everything they make is distinct and classy, from their products to how they design and package them. This splash comes in a beautifully etched glass bottle.

    Size: 100ml

    Made in England

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