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    Personal hygiene has a big impact on first impressions. Let's face it: in our modern world whether you're going to your first date or your job interview, the people you'll encounter would be influenced by your looks. Imagine a scenario where you spent a ton of effort to look suave but you forget to tidy up your nails. Unclean fingernails can put your image in a bad light and discard all your efforts. Don't let opportunity and success close its doors by the smallest detail. Make cleaning your nails a customary and simple chore with Tweezerman's Power Hang Nail Clipper.

    These clippers are equipped with razor sharp angled blades guaranteed to make clipping your nails effortlessly easy. The handle is specifically designed to provide proper leverage and control. The design ensures you that you'll have an easier and safer time handling the nipper and thus avoiding any painful cuts. Don't let yourself experience the horror of messing up your first impression. With the help of the Tweezerman's Power Hang Nail Clippers you can achieve the perfect modern gentleman look and impress your audience.

    Made in Italy.