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30% Off WCS Shaving Soaps & Creams + 10% Off All Others

Twist-up Shaving Stick Containers, .75 oz

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A handy tube to store your shaving sticks and it makes a great travel container. This plastic container holds 3/4oz.

DIYers: Make your own shaving sticks by melting down a glycerin shaving soap and pouring into the tube (check with the manufacturer to make sure your soap is suitable). Twist the bottom to raise the soap. It has the twist-up post in the center of the tube, so you'll either have to add a hole to a shaving stick, remove the post, or melt in a glycerin soap.

Holds .75 oz.

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Tim H.
  • Value for Money

Works well for travel kit.

Works well for travel kit.

Sean S.
  • Value for Money

Ok, but not durable.

I've bought a few of these. The plastic threads aren't that durable and they have failed on me with short time usage. Also, the threads don't go down all the way, so it doesn't hold as much soap as you would think by glancing at the product. I think you'd be better off buying travel size deodorant and then removing the deodorant and putting shave soap in the tube. 2 stars because it inexpensive but works as intended but not durable and it's a poor design with wasted space

Steve D.
  • Value for Money

Fits half of a shave stick

This and the 2.0 oz. size work great for making your own shave stick, or making a shave stick more convenient to use. I drilled a hole in a Speik shave stick and it works great in the 2 oz. tube. This .75 oz. tube is the same diameter, but shorter, so it holds half a stick. I cut a Palmolive stick in half, then poked it with a chopstick before pushing it down onto the plastic shaft. Perfect, and more compact for travel. For another tube, I scooped out some Proraso 'croap_� out of its bowl and pressed it into the tube and pushed it down with my fingers and a chopstick. I will let it air dry a few days (it was a little wet) and see how it sets up.

William A.
  • Value for Money

Turn nearly any soap into a shave stick

The use of a shave stick and face lathering is my favorite way to shave. With this twist container, I need not be limited to using this method by the very few companies that produce ready-made sticks. I have yet to find a shave soap which does not work as a shave stick with the use of these twist-up containers. For italian style soaps, "croaps" or artisan efforts (another reviewer mentions the fabulous Stirling soaps), the conversion could not be easier. You can easily work the soft and sticky soap into the container (the use of a butter knife helps). Once in the tube, allow the top surface to dry out a bit for a few hours before putting the lid on. Then, as long as you don't use too much pressure, the application of stick to face for lathering could not be easier. For harder soaps, the best method I've found is the use of a sharp utility knife. Rather than trying to melt the soap, slice thin layers off of the puck and push them down into the twist tube. Once the tube is filled to the top and firmly pressed down, you're ready to go. The first few face lathers will smooth out any unevenness in your newly created soap stick. For fans of the face lather, this tool is pretty handy. I currently use 12 different soaps this way in rotation.

Terry K.
  • Value for Money

Well worth the purchase!

Well worth the purchase!