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    • Grips hair into place, provides a strong hold
    • Matte finish, no shine
    • Petroleum based
    • Contains a peppermint/vanilla scent

    Jab! Jab! Uppercut! Knockout look. While the design on the tin was inspired by an old-time boxer, you can design your luscious locks however you like, and your hair will be down for the count'

    Uppercut Matt Clay is designed to go on dry. Some styling products must be mixed with water in order to achieve the right consistency, but this one is ready to go straight out of the vintage tin. It's just unfortunate that Australians don't know how to spell "matte". [Edited to add: the writer of this description is an English teacher and can get a little persnickety about "unique" spelling.]

    For customers who want a stylish yet untidy look to their hair, this is the best product around. Once it is worked through the mane, the user can style it exactly as they wish, but it won't look stiff. Some people work hard to make their head look like they just rolled out of bed, and more power to them. This will help you achieve that look effortlessly.

    Also, whenever you feel like changing it up, Matt Clay will allow you to rearrange your hairstyle without adding any additional material. Keep your locks out of your eyes, behind your ears, or spiked on top; and then try something new when the time is right. Plus, there is a light peppermint scent to it that the ladies will love. They'll probably even want to run their fingers through your hair. Good thing this will keep it looking great.

    Size: 2.1 oz/60g

    Made in Australia

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