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    G'day Mate! It's always Movember here! Get your mo on with this delightful moustache wax from Uppercut. Wham! Bam! Apply a little of this, style as desired, and 'she'll be apples'. Keep your mo in shape! This wax possesses a very neutral and mild scent (some say pepperminty). No mo strong odors exist here for the hair 'down under' your nose. Ingredients include beeswax and lanolin. Only a dab'll do ya'! Need we say mo?

    It started Down Under as a way to raise awareness for cancer. Guys grew out their mustaches in support but needed a way to keep it stylish. That's where this product came in.

    The boys at Uppercut developed this product so that customers can keep facial hair under control. Sure, it may be trendy to grow a long, scraggly beard, but sometimes you need to clean things up a bit. This wax will help you place every hair on your face in the perfect spot if you so choose, but it will still look as natural as ever.

    Of course, it can be used elsewhere as well. Sideburns and eyebrows will lie perfectly flat as you wish as well. It goes on smooth and won't need to be warmed, unlike some similar items from other brands.

    Whether you plan on following the trends, or supporting a cause, your 'stache will look great.

    Size: 25ml

    Made in Australia

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