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    • All day long heavy hold
    • Medium shine and wax finish
    • Petroleum based
    • Faint powder scent


    Ahhh! Your hair will cower in fear before the Brutal Staying Power of this Deluxe Monster Hold from Uppercut. And hey, even Frankenstein's Creature needed something to keep his hair in check as the picture on the lid of the tin suggests here. This extra powerful pomade is sweat resistant and great for all hair styles.

    This pomade is made to last all day long, and will not wilt in the heat or when you sweat. It is powerful and versatile, just like the people who developed it.

    The Uppercut Deluxe brand has a very interesting story. The founder is Australian and found a passion for barbering when visiting a shop in Portland, Oregon. He returned to his native land to learn the trade and eventually set up his own shop. However, there weren't products on the market that were tough enough to fit the needs of his clients. Most were geared towards women, or just didn't quite fit the style he was looking for.

    So he made his own. This brand's products are unique in style but high in quality. Regardless of your background or hairstyle, you can find the right grooming tools to fit your needs exactly. The vintage design gives you a peak into the history of barbering and the company itself. But the effectiveness is unlike anything that has come before it.

    Size: 2.8 oz/80g

    Made in Australia

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