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    • Black, plastic pocket comb
    • Wide/Narrow teeth, tapered
    • Two thumbs up not required, but appreciated


    It's baaack! You might have thought the pocket comb went the way of rolling your own cigs and nickle candy. But Uppercut Deluxe has re-envisioned this handy tool. A 1950's barbershop inspired company, Uppercut Deluxe gives you manly grooming essentials without frills.

    Men in previous generations knew the art of grooming - and respected it. You can too. Quit brushing your hair with your hands and fingers and grab an Uppercut Deluxe Pocket Comb. This honest-to-goodness grooming accessory is designed in a classic style which was refined by barbers themselves- the experts that you can trust when it comes to styling.

    The wide teeth will give you clean comb lines as you style your pomp, quiff, or slickback. It's made with hard and tough plastic that's ultra-durable, so you're guaranteed that it's a high-quality product.

    This comb also has narrow teeth that are ideal for grooming unkempt hair, whatever its style is. It comes with a slight taper through the center for an added bonus. The teeth's ends are also rounded and smooth for guaranteed comfort to your scalp. It may look simple. But with this handy tool, you're sure to dish out a knockout look.

    Best paired with rolled jeans, leather jacket, and Uppercut styling products.

    Color: Black

    Length: 7 inches

    Made in Australia

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