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    • Strong hold, great for mohawks and pomp hairstyles
    • Great for a slick backed look with medium to high shine
    • Water soluble for easy rinsing and styling
    • Slight coconut fragrance


    Uppercut delivers the taming punch in the right direction that your unkempt hair needs along with that knockout look that you need. Water soluble and super strong, this deluxe pomade is somewhat softer than similar pomades, but holds just as strong. The root-beer-colored-air-pocked-translucent gel inside this distinctive red-labeled tin contains a slight coconut scent making for a refined and sculpt-ready hairstyle ready product. Goes in easy, comes out easy, and holds great with shine! Kapow!

    If you like a classic slick backed look, or even an edgy Mohawk style, you may be searching for a product that will hold your hair in place and last all day. Of course, you would also like it to wash out easily when you are done with it. If this sounds like your daily concern, try Uppercut Deluxe Pomade.

    Pomade is nothing new, and this product offers that vintage look you remember from generations ago. However, it is tried and true and proven to work, which is why the boys at Uppercut Deluxe have committed to perfecting it.

    It's rare for a brand to be hip, cool, and modern, while maintaining an old-fashioned and vintage style. Yet, this brand is exactly that. You can almost visualize getting up early to head down to the boxing club for a workout and spar a few rounds. Then, after a quick shower, you head down to the corner for a shave and a haircut from your neighborhood barber.

    Size: 3.5 oz./100g

    Made in Australia