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    • A bamboo toothbrush by Uppercut Deluxe
    • Sustainable, bidogradeable, naturally anti-microbial & anti-fungal
    • Medium bristles

    Deliver your punch with your style, not with your halitosis. Don't neglect your pearly whites as you get all caught up in this wet shaving gig. Australian based company, Uppercut Deluxe makes 1950s barbershop inspired products. But their new, innovative toothbrush has modern sensibilities as well.

    Surely, you want to keep your teeth white and clean and your gums healthy. But what if you can complete your grooming routine while also being kind to Mother Earth? The great news is that you can!

    This brush is a new and innovative addition to the industry of dental care. It's made from bamboo that ensures its sturdiness. Because it's made with natural materials, it's a sustainable alternative to plastic brushes. It's also biodegradable, so you won't pollute the environment. Bamboo has natural anti-microbial and anti-fungal characteristics, so it does not mold in wet environments. The results? A sturdier toothbrush, healthier mouth and better overall health and well-being.

    Simple and great-looking, it comes with medium bristles and a vintage design that features the Uppercut Deluxe stamp not found on any of their other products.

    Maintain optimum oral health and help preserve our planet by committing to the switch!

    Made in Australia

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