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    Vie-Long Horse Hair Shaving Brush, Brown/Clear Acrylic Handle is a lovely, well-made brush made from 50% mane hair and 50% tail hair from horses in Valencia, Spain when the animals are groomed. The performance of horse hair brushes is much like badger brushes, but the retrieval of hair does not affect or harm the animal in any way. Besides being similar in performance, the look is very similar, too. The horse hair is bleached and a dark band is dyed to replicate badger hair. These brushes hair soft tips that are naturally tapered and are great with both hard soaps and soft creams alike.

    Height: 95mm
    Loft: 50mm
    Base: 45mm
    Knot: 20mm
    Hair: Horse hair

    (Dimensions are approximations)

    Made in Valencia, Spain

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