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New WCS Infinity Shaving Brushes Now Available!
New WCS Infinity Shaving Brushes Now Available!

Vintage 7/8" Geo. Wostenholm & Sons The Washington Razor Straight Razor

Sold out
  • Restored straight razor
  • Black scales
  • 7/8" with Barber's Notch

If you love the nostalgia of this wet shaving gig, the passing down of an age-old practice, then you will love being part of the on-going story of these grooming requisites. West Coast Shaving is excited to launch a line of restored vintage razors at an incredible price. West Coast Shaving has partnered with a craftsman to find, restore, and hone these used blades. Give them a second life in your shaving den – and don’t break the bank doing it!

This razor comes "as is". Be aware: these vintages razors have been used and will have blemishes. No returns. Blade comes with a 1-year warranty. If it doesn’t hold its edge, ship it back and get it re-honed. (Just pay shipping.)

  • Manufacturer: George Wostenholm & Sons
  • Country: Sheffield, England
  • Model:  The Washington Razor
  • Scales: Black
  • Size: 7/8” 
  • Nose/Toe: Barber's Notch