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Vulfix 2236S Super Badger Shaving Brush

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Original price $128.99 - Original price $128.99
Original price
$128.99 - $128.99
Current price $128.99
  • traditional shaving brush
  • loaded with super badger hair
  • faux ivory handle

Vulfix has been making shaving brushes for over 50 years, so they know a thing or two about hair grades, knots, and loft. Their reputation proceeds them as a premier manufacturer of badger brushes in the United Kingdom. The Vulfix 2236S is one of the most popular brushes from Vulfix.

This handmade brush uses Super Badger bristles which makes for a soft and luxurious feel on the face. A high quality instrument, it has a unique dark band topped by lighter tips. The tapered head is achieved without trimming, so you get the softest, smoothest effect of hair in its natural state. It is a great value and performs nicely for the price.

The handle is a classic-looking, faux ivory. It is lathe-turn and stamped with the Vulfix logo. This is a good sized brush and able to whip up a great lather face/mug/palm.

Color: Faux Ivory Total Height: 130mm Bristle Loft: 57mm Knot Dia: 26mm Hair: Super Badger

Dimensions are approximate.

Handmade in England

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Kerry E.
  • Value for Money

A Worthy Investment

This is one peach of a brush, and for the price, really tough to beat. (It's also the biggest brush I've bought). It lathers beautifully, fits in my 30mm stand (hung by the knot) and isn't shedding bristles at all. Honestly, the best brush I've used in the last 20 years.

  • Value for Money


After about 3 months this brush started shedding 10-20 per shave. West coast Shaving honored the guarantee and replaced the brush, but replacement has started doing the same. I have 2 other Vulfix brushes, each over 10 years old, and neither sheds. Vulfix must have real quality issues.


Bristles Fall Out

I've had many Vulfix brushes over the years, but this one is in a league by itself. The bristles fall out at a ridiculous rate. I expect some fallout, but I can get 10-12 fallen out per shave. Maybe it was a bad day in manufacture or the moon was in the wrong place, but this brush was not worth the price. I see many other reviews are complimentary, so I hope that I just got a defective one and this was not a problem with the rest of the line.


Good brush but not great

For $85, I doubt you will find a better brush. But for an extra $30 you could get a Shavemac #25 or #177 which I think is a much better brush. If you like the extra extra large handle this brush comes with then do not choose the Shavemac because it has a regular size handle. I ended up not liking the size of this brush's handle and the brush does not feel as "dense" in the badger hair as the Shavemac does. But again for $85, it is a great brush if you have room to store it with its large handle.

Sylvain P.

In a league of it's own.

First of all, allow me to divide the room immediately. If you are not a fan of large brushes, use the exits to the sides and rear of the aircraft. It's built like a Navy Seal. The sheer enormity of this brush cannot be quantified by any photo. The handle of this brush is like grabbing ahold of a tennis racquet. As soon as you raise this brush from its box a frightened silence washes over the rest of your brushes, their bristles bending downward tacitly accepting their crushing defeat and inadequacies. Everything about this brush is huge: Its loft, its knot, its handle, its attitude, its intimidating presence. This is the playground bully that you take one look at and go out of your way to avoid. The knot is so dense with soft super badger hair that it holds what seems like an entire ark full of water. I use it to mix up an uber lather of Proraso and Mama Bear's soap and it makes enough lather to shave me and six of my friends. 2 minutes of mixing and a couple of pumps of the brush and I swear this thing was holding a half gallon of lather. The bristles are soft yet they have great backbone. I press the brush against my cheek and the bristles fan out like a well organized army of soldiers, covering nearly the entire side of my face. I am befuddled by the amount of ground this brush can cover. My entire face is lathered in less than 20 seconds yet I dare not allow this luxurious treatment to end prematurely. I take my time and after a few minutes the lower half of my face is so thick with white lather it looks like a wasteland in Fargo in the dead of winter. I look at the brush and it still holds copious amounts of lather. That was another thing I noticed about this brush is that it holds nearly ALL of the lather produced, leaving very little in the bowl. The subsequent shave following this thorough mopping I experienced from this brush was equally pleasing. In summary, if you are looking for a large, formidable brush that is of exceptional quality customary of a brand such as Vulfix then look no further. This purchase will leave you free of any buyer's remorse the instant you set your eyes and hands on this brush for the first time. It will leave you speechless.