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WCS 3" Hanging Strop, Leather and Nylon, Black

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  • 3" top-grain leather strop
  • Black with leather handles
  • Nylon prep side

Looking to keep your newly purchased straight edge razor in peak form? Then you need to invest in a strop. This strip of leather is important for lengthening the life of your blade. Stropping helps to remove the microscopic nicks and burrs and aligns the edge to keep you shaving better longer! Together with a prep material, you will have a clean, sharp edge every time you ply the razor. Try out our WCS 3" Hanging Strop, Leather and Nylon, Black.

In generations past, a barber would strap his strop to his chair, so it was easily accessible. Hence, a hanging strop was designed to hang from the swivel clasp at the top and to be pulled taut...
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