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    • 3" Latigo leather strop
    • Black with D-ring handles
    • Linen prep side


    If you've dived into the world of "cut-throat" shaving, then you know the importance of keeping your edge in tip-top shape. Enter the strop. This piece of leather is vital for lengthening the life of your shaving edge. Every time you shave, you need to strop that blade to remove microscopic nicks and anomalies for a cleaner, smoother shave. We've commissioned this fantastic Latigo leather strop to enhance your straight razor shave. West Coast Shaving 3" Strop, Latigo Leather and Linen, Black.

    This strop has heavy duty D Rings handles, and the stainless-steel swivel clasp at the top adds to the convenience as you can easily flip from the prep to the leather. The Latigo leather is prime quality with a lot of draw. Draw refers to the feel of the blade as it runs across the leather - a very personal preference. Latigo is a cowhide that is tanned and often infused with oils and waxes. In addition to the leather side, the second strop is a cotton linen for prep. Before you bring your blade to the leather, take a few passes on the linen side to remove any impurities/oils/etc that might be on the razor.

    The attractive black leather is 3" wide and offers ample space for your stropping needs. It is stamped with the West Coast Shaving logo. A high-quality strop for expert and novice alike. (Get it in mahogany, too.)

    Size: 3"

    Made in the USA

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