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Immerse yourself in the refreshing essence of a citrus resin scent that transports you to a tranquil oasis overlooking the Mediterranean. Picture yourself seated on a tree-shaded balcony, surrounded by moss-lined walls, as gentle breezes carry the invigorating aroma, awakening your senses and rejuvenating your spirit.

Inspired by the intricate nuances of the "scent wheel," our grooming requisites encompass a range of fragrance categories, including Fougere, Cologne, Chypre, Oriental, and a classic barbershop aroma. Crafted with meticulous care, each scent captures the essence of its inspiration, offering a sensory journey that delights the senses and elevates your grooming experience. Our shaving soap, formulated with a luxurious duck fat base, is a testament to this commitment to quality. Enriched with skin-nourishing ingredients such as kokum butter, palm oil, castor oil, and jojoba oil, this soap delivers a silky smooth glide and provides exceptional protection for your skin. Experience the indulgent lather and nourishing sensation that leaves your skin feeling replenished and revitalized after every shave. Collaborating with Vida Perez from Oleo Soapworks, we are proud to offer soaps that consistently receive rave reviews, embodying the perfect fusion of craftsmanship and excellence.

Size: 5 oz

Ingredients: Stearic Acid, Water, Kokum Butter, Potassium Hydroxide, Palm Kernel Oil, Duck Fat, Sodium Hydroxide, Castor Oil, Glycerin, Jojoba Oil & Sodium Lactate

  • SKU: SS-WCS-022
  • Brand: West Coast Shaving
  • Type: Shaving Soap

WCS Duck Fat Shaving Soap, Chypre, 5 oz

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