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Introducing WCS Eau de Parfum in Limes, a refreshing fragrance that invigorates the senses with a zesty hint of lime. Crafted from simple yet high-quality ingredients, this scent offers a long-lasting fragrance experience that lasts throughout the day. Embrace the vibrant and citrusy notes of lime, perfect for adding a burst of freshness to your daily routine. Encased in an elegant 30ml cubed glass bottle with a convenient sprayer, this perfume brings a touch of sophistication to your fragrance collection. Elevate your scent game with WCS Eau de Parfum in Limes and enjoy the rejuvenating aroma of citrus wherever you go.

  • SKU: FR-WCS-060
  • Brand: West Coast Shaving
  • Type: Cologne

WCS Eau de Parfum, Limes

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