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    • Traditional shaving brush
    • Economical Pure Badger hair
    • Faux horn handle

    Bringing wet shaving to the masses is a high priority for us here at West Coast Shaving. We want to source and create grooming goods that allow you to love your daily shave. So we set out to bring you the highest quality shaving brushes at an unbeatable price. Our new range of brushes (in synthetic, silvertip, and pure badger) offer exceptional shaving at a great value (without the middle man). Try West Coast Shaving Flare Shaving Brush, Horn, Pure Badger.

    We've loaded this brush with pure badger hair. This is a fantastic starter brush has you get introduced to wet shaving, lathering, and the wonderful properties of badger hair. Badger has long been the choice for wet shavers because of its water retention, backbone, and face feel. It whips up phenomenal lathers. While it comes in numerous grades, badger hair called "pure" is a great option for the beginner as it won't break the bank, like the more expensive silvertips. A 24mm knot makes this a medium (trending to large) brush that creates ample lather. The densely-packed knot is set deep in the handle for durability and comfort.
    Our Flare handle is similar to our Lantern handle but with a few more rings around the middle -- for a little more "flare". This curvaceous brush will enhance your daily shave with its faux horn, throw-back look. Some of the first brushes were made with natural material like horn. So you can embrace the traditional with this grooming requisite. The high-gloss polish just needs a rinse and wipe with a soft cloth to stay looking good-as-new.
    A stunning-looking grooming utensil at a great price. We think you are going to love it!
    Size: Knot: 24mm

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