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Dedicated to democratizing wet shaving, West Coast Shaving offers high-quality shaving products at accessible prices, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the art of traditional shaving without breaking the bank. From razors to brushes, soaps to balms, their extensive range covers all your grooming needs.

One standout product from their Marble Collection is the Shaving Brush, meticulously crafted with natural badger hair for a luxurious lathering experience. The brush features a knot of silvertip badger hair, renowned for its water-retention properties and gentle feel on the skin, ensuring a rich and creamy lather every time. Its spacious 26mm knot efficiently whips up lather while the elegant Admiral Blue handle, reminiscent of swirling marble patterns, provides both aesthetic appeal and ergonomic grip for comfortable handling during your shaving ritual. With its durable resin construction and easy maintenance, this brush promises years of reliable performance, making it a cherished addition to any wet shaver's collection.

Size: 26mm knot

  • Brand: West Coast Shaving
  • Type: Shaving Brush

WCS Marble Collection Shaving Brush, Admiral Blue

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