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    Welcome to our ShaveBucks Plus membership Program. (WCS's way to enable your SSAD - shaving soap acquisition disorder).

    As a ShaveBucks Plus member, you will get:

    • 10% ShaveBucks back on every purchase
    • Free Domestic Shipping on every order

    The cost is $30 for 6 months of membership.
    So if you spend $100, you would earn 1,000 ShaveBucks, which equals $10 

    And FREE SHIPPING. If you plan on making more than 2-3 orders in the next 6 months, this plan will more than pay for itself.

    How does it work?

    Simple. You get ShaveBucks for every dollar you spend once you pay for the membership.

    Then use those Credits in the checkout with our simple slider.

    Learn more about ShaveBucks HERE

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