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    Al Z.
    • Value for Money

    My second safety razor

    I bought my first DE safety razor maybe forty years ago. This is my second. Over the past 40 years I have probably spent enough on disposables, cartridge razors, and the expensive cartridges for them to have bought a used car. No more. So I'm back to these again. So, the 78B. It is solid, heavy, and well machined. The blades fit neatly and accurately in the shaving head. My second outing with this gave me a close, clean shave (not my first one, but I needed a little practice) . Was a little disappointed in how short the handle seemed to be, then I found by buying a model from a different manufacturer specifically designated as 'long handled', and by carefully studying the specs for other razors, that the WCS 78B actually has a longer handle than average. So for now, this is my razor. Wish that WCS razors that were a little more visually appealing, though the the 78B does have a certain utilitarian appeal.

    James M.
    • Value for Money

    Great Value & Performance

    I was a pleasantly surprised at the handle weight and quality. This is a heavy duty handle with excellent knurling and finish. The head is well-balanced and nicely sized for ease of use in tight spots. The blade centers perfectly in the closed comb head. This package exceeded my expectations at this modest price point. How does it perform? I loaded it with a Voskhod blade and used my favorite tallow soap. Four shaves later I think it performs every bit as well as my short-handled Edwin Jagger 89 and Merkur 34C, both of which I enjoy very much. I would put it closer to the Merkur as to aggressiveness but its still a pretty mild shave. What's not to like with this beautiful black finish, sturdy construction, and excellent performance for under $20?

    Roger J.
    • Value for Money

    First safety razor

    First safety razor and shaving with it has been great. I gave away all my disposable razors after the first time I used it. good quality razor and can't beat the price.

    • Value for Money

    Happy So Far

    I use safety razors for head shaving. Picked up this razor because I needed something with a longer handle. Just hady first shave with it, and I was surprised what a difference it made. The long handle is nice for smoother strokes and the textured grip makes it easy to handle if your hands are wet. When tightened all the way the head slightly bends the blade into shape and I found the angle satisfying. Definitely recommend this.

    Michael A.

    A heavy duty razor built to last

    The Midnight is a quality razor. It's on the aggressive side for a closed comb razor but if you take your time it gives a really close, smooth shave. The handle is heavier than most other razors I've tried so no pressure! The weight does the work. It's a little too aggressive for me to shave with daily but I'll use it for those times I've gone without a shave for a few days and it works like a charm. It's a handsome razor, too, with a quality finish. This one should last a lifetime should the finish hold up.