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    Alfred L.
    • Value for Money


    This open comb razor is my favorite razor of all time. Hate I had to waste money going through all those razors to finally find the one that I like.

    Michael W.
    • Value for Money


    I'm relatively a newbie when it comes to wet shaving. My 28 1/2 year old son who passed away on April 8, 2018 (suicide) got me onto wet shaving one past Christmas. He bought me a Van Hagen razor at a local department store as a Christmas present. He used Persona blades and never had a bit of trouble. He taught me how to use the DE safety razor but I was applying too much pressure. As time went on I had some very nasty cuts. I'm on Xarelto and an 81 MG aspirin at night for blood clots so any cut on my face had to be dealt with a shaving block or a septic pencil. I bought a sample pack of razor blades from WCS and did some research on which ones were the sharpest and which were the least aggressive. I had sort of settled on Shark blades which are made in Egypt as my daily go to blade. But the cuts kept happening. I even went back to the five blade horrors and bought those over-priced razors. But I loved wet shaving and figured I could learn it. I was also a way for me to honor my son. So I read the WCS page about different razors and how that it is important to get a razor which is properly balanced and weighted. So I decided to spend the money and purchase the 38W and give it a whirl. With the first shave there was a world of difference. The head of the 38W is heavy enough that you do not need to add any pressure. I let the razor do the cutting. I opted for the Closed Comb which has the least amount of blade touching your face. Now I can actually shave without butchering my face. There is an occasional weeper but using a shave block or the septic pencil stops bleeding even though I am on blood thinners as I said. I think that what makes the 38W so good for me is that I also use very good shave cream. Right now I'm trying a sample pack of Taylor of Old Bond Street shave creams which provides me with a great lather and I get about four shaves out of a little sample pack. Sandlewood will probably be my favorite scent but I am open to the others. So if you are serious about wet shaving and want to get away from purchasing those expensive five blade razors that cost an arm and a leg I'd highly recommend the 38W. A great little razor for a fair price and you won't be disappointed IMHO... On the blade scene I tried Voskhod which are made in Russia. These blades are very smooth and are teflon coated which makes the blade glide over your skin. I also just used a Persona blade which was the brand my son used and it is a great blade. I've gotten three shaves out of one blade so far. I ordered five more Voskhod and five more Persona Red Israeli blades for a final test. Once I have mastered the art I might move up to Feather blades but they are the sharpest and can give you a real nasty cut if you don't know what you are doing. So again try the 38W...a great razor for a newbie...