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At West Coast Shaving, we strive to elevate your daily grooming experience by offering exceptional wet shaving products. Our replaceable blade straight razor is the perfect choice for those intrigued by the world of traditional shaving but not yet ready to fully commit. Crafted as a shavette-type razor, it utilizes DE blades, guaranteeing a consistently sharp edge for each shave.

This replaceable blade straight razor provides an easy entry into wet shaving without the need to master traditional honing techniques. Simply swap out the blade as needed for a clean and precise shave every time. Featuring knurled black scales, the razor offers a secure grip, allowing you to navigate with confidence. It's important to note that DE blades are not included with this model, so it's advisable to procure your preferred blades separately to ensure a seamless shaving experience.

  • SKU: SR-WCS-003
  • Brand: West Coast Shaving
  • Type: Straight Razor

WCS Shavette Straight Razor- Black

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