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For over a decade, West Coast Shaving has been at the forefront of men's grooming, offering a wide array of high-quality products to enhance the classic wet shaving experience. Now, with our shaving brush knot offerings, you can personalize your shaving tools to your exact specifications. This 26mm knot is crafted from finest badger hair, renowned for its exceptional water retention and luxurious feel on the skin. Whether you're a seasoned wet shaver or just starting out, this knot promises to deliver a phenomenal lathering experience with its optimal balance of splay and backbone.

The 3-band badger hair used in this knot ensures a plush yet controlled application of lather, making it ideal for achieving a close and comfortable shave. Its versatility allows for easy insertion into your favorite handle, offering endless possibilities for customization.

Size: 26mm knot only

  • SKU: BK-WCS-001
  • Brand: West Coast Shaving
  • Type: Brush Knot

WCS Shaving Brush Knot, 26mm 3-Band Finest

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