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    • Traditional, lathering shaving soap
    • Tallow-based recipe
    • Scented with hints of coconut and lime

    West Coast Shaving wants you to love your shave. If it feels like a daily chore, then let's try again. Check out our wet shaving products that will make you feel amazing. For this line of shaving soaps and splashes, WCS teamed up with the crew at Ariana & Evans to develop wet shaving products just for you.

    This shaving soap recipe is loaded with simple oils and butters that will nourish your skin. No chemical aerosols or nasties, just good clean soap. It is tallow based to create a thick, rich, stable lather. This will help protect your skin from the scrapping of the blade, unlike the canned foams that are mostly air. This dense lather with oils and butters will leave your skin feeling supple and not tight.

    This Coconut Lime fragrance is a clean, fresh, zesty delight. Light enough to wear everyday but powerful enough to please your senses. The coconut is not overwhelming; don't think of sunscreen. Instead, it is subtle and lets the lime shine as well. The citrus comes through with hints of lemon verbena as well. Bright, but with hidden depths. This is great in the summer, but excellent all year round for a pick-me-up.

    Size: 4oz

    Ingredients: Stearic Acid, Water, Shea Butter, Beef Tallow, Manteca, Kokum Butter, Shorea Butter, Sunflower Oil, Cocoa Butter, Avocado Oil, jojoba Oil, fragrance, Olive Oil, Argan oil

  • SKU: SS-WCS-046
  • Brand: West Coast Shaving
  • Type: Shaving Soap

WCS Shaving Soap, Coconut Lime

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