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    • Razor and Brush Stand
    • Chrome Finish
    • Larger 30mm brush opening

    At West Coast Shaving, we are passionate about giving you everything you need for a great shave. To the end we have exceptional razors, top-of-the-line brushes, and amazing soaps. But we also carry so much more! We have even sourced our own brand of shaving stands, razors, and more.

    Love the look of our classic West Coast Shaving 301 Chrome Stand, but your brush won't fit? The West Coast 315 stand was designed with a larger brush opening so it can accommodate larger handles. Classy and sleek with its chrome plated finish this stand will not only store your wet shaving gear between uses, but it will also display your goods nicely on your bathroom counter. If you've invested in this wet shaving gig, then you want your tools to last. A stand is an excellent way to prolong the life of your brush by allowing it to dry completely between uses.

    This elegant beauty is designed to hold your brush by the end of the handle. If you are unsure if it will fit your needs, we are always happy to help you, please give a call or shoot us an email.

    • Total Height: 138mm
    • Razor Opening: 12mm
    • Brush Opening: 30mm

    Made in Hong Kong

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