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    • Shaving brush
    • Synthetic hair
    • Two-tone handle in red & white

    West Coast Shaving is at it again! We're bringing you exceptional men's grooming products at a reasonable price. Check out our new line of two-toned shaving brushes loaded with silvertip or synthetic hair.

    Synthetic hair has come a l-o-n-g way, baby. This loft has all the benefits of synthetics - quick drying, low maintenance, longevity, but it also boasts many of the benefits of natural hair as well - great face feel & good backbone.

    With its red & white motif, this handle has a bit of 50s flair, so if you like a little retro in your shave (and as a wet shaver who doesn't?) then you will love this option. It is a tall handle so the extra length works great for mug/bowl latherers, although it will whip up a lather anywhere you use it. It also has a nicely balanced weight that feels great in your hand. The bottom has our West Coast Shaving logo.

    This fits snugly by the knot in our WCS stands with a 30mm opening, like WCS Stand 313, 30mm, Black or WCS Stand 315, 30mm, Chrome.


    • Weight: 115g
    • Knot: 26mm
    • Loft: 56mm
    • Handle Height: 75mm
    • Total Height: 131mm

  • SKU: SB-WCS-201
  • Brand: West Coast Shaving
  • Type: Shaving Brush
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WCS Two-Tone Tall Synthetic Shaving Brush, Red & White

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